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The new TRX 38 from Mathews available at Archer’s Edge!






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Distributors for Excalibur Crossbows!

New adjustable Target bow from Bowtech!!


Bowtech Fanatic All



We cater for all your archery needs.


Entries are filling up! Looking very much forward to this event!
Archers Unite!!

The Boss, Prodigy, Fanatic, Eva Shockey Signature Series and the Carbon Icon have all arrived!
Come test shoot your favourite!
The Fuel is a great bow, still our best all rounder that does not break the bank.
Interested in Archery – sms the word “EDGE” with your name and email address to 34911 – R1.50 per sms.
Keep checking the home page for frequent updates and event listings.

Check out the S.A.F.E. Archery™ game that we have available for functions or parties.

Come shoot our new UPGRADED permanent 3D course.
20 x 3D animals are strategically placed,
to make it all the more fun.
Come and see for yourself!

We are proud to stock the following brands

Club Archer’s Edge

Archer’s Edge is proud to announce the upgrade of our permament 3D range. The course consists of 20 strategically placed 3D animal targets to test your abbilites as an archer and bowhunter. Everybody is welcome to come and shoot the course that takes about an hour to complete and thus it is open between 9 am and 5 pm(shop closes at 17:30) during the week and 9 am and 2 pm(shop closes at 3pm) on Saturdays. The cost for the 3D course is R60 for clubmembers R80 for non-clubmembers. We are unfortunately closed on Sundays.

Come and join us in the fun!

Club Archers Edge Regards

Pleas email all club queries to club@archersedge.co.za

You can also request a clubform to be sent to your email address by emailing the abovementioned email.

You can visit the following websites to see more info on the bows we are authorized dealers of at Bowtech website, Diamond website and Mathews website , Mission website directly, to get even more information on their products.