Archer’s Edge Film Festival

IMG_1008Archers-Edge-Film-Festival-smallFor the first time in South Africa, Archer’s Edge will be hosting an Archery Film Festival!

We want to promote archery in South and Southern Africa and what better way than to use an enticing audiovisual medium to share the story of both Bowhunting and Target Archery with the general public.

If you have some video footage of a Bowhunting trip, or an Archery Competition, or if you have some cool video of a trick shot or a practice session, anything archery related, then put that footage together and enter it into the running for the final 10 best videos in the Archer’s Edge Film Festival.


I will give you 50,000 reasons…!

Thats right! The total prize money is R50,000 cash, split into three Big prizes… and no, you do not need to be an archer to enter, but you must live on the African continent.

You have until the last month of the South African hunting season to enter, but a part of the selection process will depend on shares, likes and votes from the general public, so get your films in sooner rather than later!

Prize giving will be at a public event where the final 10 will be showcased, and the winners announced!

Submission Deadline: 31 August 2018


Shoot and compile your video —> Send to Archer’s Edge —> panel approves the video —> video gets uploaded by AE to our competition channel on YouTube—> Social Share to forums and social media —> Panel decides on final ten after close of deadline —> Prize giving event.


Video Format: mp4 (mpeg, h.264)

Time limit: 2minutes to 22 minutes

Dimensions: Any standard horizontal video dimensions (SD, HD-Ready, 720i or 720p or  Full HD 1080i or 1080p)


  1. The video must have the Archer’s Edge intro and Ending (package with mp4 and mov versions (zip) can be downloaded here )
  2. The video upload must be accompanied by a release form that allows us to display the video in public and on the internet (Publication Release – AE Film Festival )
  3. The person that enters the video must own all copyrights to the video and must be a citizen of an African Country, living on the African Continent
  4. You must have permission from all the people featured in your video to submit the video in public. (An example model release form Model Release Template – AE Film Festival )
  5. The main figure featuring in the video must shoot one of the following brands: Bowtech, Mathews, Mission, Diamond, Genesis, Stryker, Excalibur



  1. IMG_0992May I enter more than one video? Yes… enter as many as you like
  2. Why would my video be discarded?  If your video shows dangerous archery activity, reckless behaviour or profanity, the panel may discard it and not enter it into the competition
  3. How is a winner decided? The winning videos are chosen according to a formula that takes into account social sharing (likes and shares) as well as views and percentage of time viewed (if you have a 10 minute video, but only the first 3 minutes are viewed, it counts less than a 2 minute video That is viewed from beginning to the end). Then a panel of industry and non industry professionals has a vote on the videos and finally a score multiplier according to featured products in the film. Because we would like to encourage archer’s and hunters to create new films, newer products used and featured in the film will add higher scores than older products.
  4. Do I give up my copyright and ownership of my video? Absolutely not! You are, however, required to sign a release that gives us the ability to comply with South African laws to compile the videos and display them in public and social media locations on the internet.
  5. Can I enter an old video, or must it be brand new, shot for this competition? Yes, you are more than welcome to enter an old video as long as it starts and ends with the Archer’s Edge Film Festival intro and ending. We do suggest you re-edit the video for maximum impact.
  6. I am a film maker, not an archer… can I shoot and submit a video? Absolutely! As long as you meet the requirements in copyright ownership and releases.
  7. I am a Safari Operator, can I submit videos we shot of our International clients hunting here in South Africa? No, unfortunately not. The reason is simply the potential problems with copyright and releases with US and European citizens.



Terms and Conditions apply
If you are not sure, please contact us before submitting your content

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