First Club League Shoot 2015

On the 24th of January we had the first Archer’s Edge Club League shoots for 2015. We had quite a turn-out with a full 720 line and a fair 3D group.

Unfortunately we did choose what felt like the hottest day in January to schedule the shoot and many a bottled water and energade were consumed!!

We started the day early with the 3D League and we ended the 720 with a bit of cloud cover and a One Arrow Shootoff for two Caps (Thanks Redge!!) To add some pressure, instead of shooting all at the same time, we let each archer shoot on the same target, while all the other archers are watching (and making comments!)

Good fun and a Good Weekend and Congrats to Vince and Gary Gasson for taking the caps under presure!

You can view the League Ladder here…

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