Arrow Easton FMJ 5mm 250 Dangerous Game Shaft


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 What makes these Easton FMJ Arrow Shafts so unique is the Aluminum that is completely wrapped on the outside of the arrow which is what makes these bad boys so heavy. Utilizing the HIT insert which is a hidden insert and sits on the inside of the FMJ arrow completely for a perfect flush fit and maximizes FOC. These Easton full metal jacket arrows are a must-have for any Big Game Animal and will out perform any other arrow on the market. Pre-installed bright red X Nock High-strength carbon core with 7075 alloy metal jacket Guaranteed Straightness: ± .002 

The Legend. The arrow that changed the industry in a million ways. The Easton FMJ Arrow Shafts are a X Diameter arrow which maximizes your kinetic energy along has less friction that any other arrow. These Easton FMJ 5mm arrows are possibly some of the most extreme and heaviest arrows on the market.

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