CBE CX 5 Pin Sight 0.19


NEW Lightweight Design -Carbon Fiber Extension Bar with Dovetail Mount

.019 Blade Pins with 12” of Fiber Optics Per Pin

Interchangeable Fluorescent Peep Alignment Rings- Green Comes Installed with Red, Yellow & Grey Included

5-pin Housing – Laser Engraved for Precise Pine Adjustments

Second- and Third-Axis Adjustments

Multiple mounting positions for elevation and windage adjustments

Micro Elevation and Windage Housing Adjustment with Laser-Engraved Indication Markings

Rheostat Sight Light Included

Fully Ambidextrous (Assembled for Right-Hand Operation)

Fully Machined Aluminium Construction

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Weighing in at just 9 ounces, the CX5 shaves off excess weight by featuring an extension bar made from high-modulus carbon. The carbon bar not only keeps the sight extremely lightweight but also ultra-stiff while the dovetail mounting brackets, adjustment rails and scope housing are all machined aluminium for added durability. With the ability to adjust both the second- and third-axis, the CX5 includes all the premium sight features bowhunters and archers need. Low light conditions aren’t a problem with the five .019 blade-style pins, 12″ of fiber optic per pin and an included rheostat light. Micro adjustable and multiple mounting positions for elevation and windage make sighting in easier than ever.

Fully ambidextrous, the CX5 comes assembled as a right-handed sight but is easily converted for left-handed operation. In addition to the rheostat light, the CX5 also comes with a total of four different color peep alignment rings to easily customize the sight for specific needs.

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