Ripcord Drive Cage Rest RH


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BALL BEARING DRIVE SYSTEM: Precision ball bearing drive offers smooth operation and unmatched accuracy with internal dampening system to minimize noise.

RIPCAGE: Lock your arrow in the full-capture cage and it’s not getting out until you set it free. Incorporates a Whale Tail launcher arm for precise arrow position at a moment’s notice when it’s go time.

AVAILABLE WITH OR WITHOUT MICRO-ADJUST: For easy and precise adjustment.

ADJUSTABLE LAUNCHER ANGLE: the Adjustable Launcher Angle helps customize tuning or allows use of a blade for target archery.

EASY CORD TENSION ADJUSTMENT:Attach cord to either top or bottom limb. Adjust cord tension in seconds.

EASY INSTALLATION: No bow press needed. No serving necessary. Attaches to top or bottom limb.


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