UltraView UV 3 Hunting Cartridge Single Pin.019 for UV3 Scope


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The UltraView UV3 Cartridge with an up-pin pre-installed. Designed specifically for single pin or double pin hunting setups.

Comes with a 0.010” or 0.019” Pin Ring pre-installed with green fiber.

Allows you to have individual cartridges pre-setup for all your disciplines of archery; Hunting, 3D, Field, Indoor, Outdoor etc… 

Your point of impact does not change when you swap your cartridges. For example, you could have a 0.019” cartridge setup for close distance white tail and a 0.010” setup for long distance elk hunting and interchange both and hit the same spot at all distances.

The distance between the pins on the double pin is 0.25″.

This cartridge will hold both a lens and Pin Ring at the same time (unlike the UV2 cartridge).

The cartridge is constructed out of high quality moulded polymer core.

Does not come with a lens installed – must purchase a lens separately if you want one.

Accepts lenses with a diameter of 1.350”

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