Scott Recon Release Aid Camo


Roller Trigger System™ (RTS) Provides A Silky Smooth Trigger

Cam-Lock Fold Back Connector Strap Tucks Release Back & Out Of The Way

Stainless Steel Auto Closing Jaw

Curved Trigger Design Provides a Distinct Feel & Increased Finger Placement Options

Ergonomic Head Helps With Repeatable Finger Placement

Adjustable Trigger Travel

Proven Scott Archery® Single Caliper Roller Sear Design

Solid Swivel Connector With 5-hole Spiral Length Adjustment



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Time-Tested, Field Proven Roller Trigger System With Automatic Closing Jaw

With a time tested, field proven Roller Trigger System™ (RTS), the Recon features a stainless steel, automatically closing jaw and shotgun-style trigger that offers adjustable trigger travel options. Easily fold back and tuck release out of the way with the Recon’s unique connector strap. 

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