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Vapor Trail introduces the “Blade X” target rest system.

The Blade X is a fully-micro-adjustable spring steel stationary rest with nearly limitless adjustment options. The main mounting system is micro-adjustable in both windage and elevation, with the elevation having 3 separate “pin-home” locations, and the windage offering the same, but also adding in two separate bolt locations, giving you 6 different home positions to begin your micro-adjustments.

Moving on to the actual blade system, the Blade X offers an “exact fit” slot to accommodate 8 different blade sizes and types (.008”, .010”, .012”, .015” in both wide and narrow tips), giving you the ability to swap out blades easily without having to completely retune. The blade angle is also completely micro-adjustable, further allowing you to fine-tune the rest to exact perfection.

Another attractive option with the Blade X is its ability to transform to and from the Limb Driver Micro Elite. By simply removing the windage bolt and swapping nosepieces, the same main adjustment system can utilize both blade systems allowing you to shoot either a limb-driven setup or a spring steel setup without purchasing an entirely separate rest.
Whether you’re a regular on the 3D course or spend your time crushing X’s indoors, the Blade X system is sure to fulfil every angle of adjustment needed to take you to the next level!

Included Hardware: Arrow Rest, Limb Pad, SHAG Pad, Riser Bolt, Activation Cord.

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