Slick Trick Shift SB 150gr 3pk Broadheads


.044″ 420 Stainless Steel

Fixed 30-Degree Single Bevel

100 & 125 Grain: T-6 Aluminum

150 & 175 Grain: 17-4 Stainless Steel

1 1/8″ Cutting Diameter

Over 2.5″ Total Cutting Surface

Qty in package: 3 plus Slick Safe

Availability: In stock

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A single bevel design means blades are sharpened from only one side, resulting in a devastating spiral wound channel upon impact.  The Slick Trick SB Shift is designed for superior strength and optimum arrow flight, toting a razor sharp, cut on contact blade that stays sharp even after penetrating hide and bone.  The Slick Trick SB Shift broadhead line was designed to achieve fine-tune adjustability via the 25grain tungsten collar, which allows the archer to “shift” the weight of their arrow setup. The .044″ blade and robust ferrule design results in increased durability and devastating results on any big game.

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