Complete Bow Pro Shop

We are an archery pro shop where you get all your archery equipment with expert advice. We have been in the industry for 16 years and we strive to have satisfied clients, as this is a very person specific sport, each and every person has different priorities on what is important to them in their archery achievements.

Archery is for the whole family and we have bows and equipment that suits the whole family from children up to men. We have full ranges of kids (as from 3 years old) bows, women bows and men’s bows.

Bows and archery equipment are our passion. Years of combined experience will ensure that your equipment is fined tuned with the best tools and the knowledge that will leave you feeling confident to take that trophy of a life time.

We have a fully equipped pro shop on site with the most dedicated bow technicians in the country with great knowledge of tuning methods and the skill to get it right.

We are also fully equipped with string making equipment on site to build strings to specification.

The main thing on archery/hunting is to know your limitations and as everyone knows, practice makes perfect. We offer a free demonstration to anybody  that would like to try shoot a bow for the first time. When setting up a bow we turn the attention to detail, as this is very important to have the maximum satisfaction

We have a full outdoor range where you can shoot up to 80 yards.

We have excellent products that will suit every clients needs. We strive to grow with our clients and thus we put a lot of emphasis on our after sales service.

We offer: Lazer cam alignment, Hooter shooter timing and synchronisation. Broadhead tuning, paper tuning and general maintenance of all your archery and bowhunting equipment.

Range on site

Archery butts are placed from 10 yards all the way out to 80 yards for you to test your skill and equipment at your preferred distance.

We have a field range with two lanes of butts at each distance, as well as a setup range with one butt at each distance.

We have two large Fita Butts at 50 meters.

We also have a permanent 3D range set up next to the field range with 20 x 3D animals at different distances.

Archery Range R 75 per day (Own Equipment) – No booking required
3D Archery Range R100 per round (Own Equipment)-No booking required.

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