Arrow Gold Tip Pierce LRT 340


Straightness Tolerance: +/- .001”

.166 ID

Weight Tolerance: 0.5 GR

Available in 2.1” Fusion AND 2” Raptor Vanes or 2.75” factory 4 fletch

Coated with Dyna-Tek | Ceramic Clear Coating Slick Shield for deeper penetration and easier arrow removal from targets.

Patent pending component system

Titanium 1 – piece components available




Length: 32”

Availability: In stock

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The Gold Tip Pierce is built from the proven Pierce shaft, just now with tighter tolerances and improved components, the Pierce LRT is their most advanced long-range tactical hunting arrow ever. Micro diameter for better penetration and less wind drift at extended range. The one-piece component system is easy to install perfectly straight every time. Dyna-Tek Slick Shield™ coating aids in penetration and target removal. Simply put, this is the baddest hunting arrow Goldtip has ever built.

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