Fletches Flex Fletch FFP 4.18″ Green



Length: 4.18″/10.6cm

Height: 0.450″/1.14cm

Weight: 11 grains

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Maximum Stabilization Archery Vanes | FFP-418

This popular vane is the replacement for feathers

The FFP-418 is the first vane engineered by Roger Grundman. The tapered vane replicates the feather in many ways. It does exceptionally well stabilizing large broadheads. As a matter of achieving the best possible flight, it is hard to beat this vane.

Flex Fletch takes care to craft the best vanes in the world so you can be confident when the moment of truth is at hand.

The Flex-Fletch series of vanes is world known for their unique ability to dampen arrow oscillation, stabilizing the flight of the arrow quickly to give you flatter trajectory and better groupings. It’s all in their urethane, no other vanes have this capability! Their unique material and exclusive moulding process produces a vane with exceptional memory and durability.

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