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Easton’s new Superdrive Micro 4mm arrow is the latest addition to the popular Superdrive family of products.  The Superdrive Micro is Easton’s highest performing all-carbon arrow designed for all-purpose outdoor tournament use from target to field to 3D. Engineered to provide the lightest grain-per-inch weights possible in a given spine range, the Superdrive Micro will maximize your shooting range and minimize your pin gaps, allowing for higher velocities both out of the bow and tighter gaps downrange.   

The Superdrive Micro is available in 11 spines from 325 to 950 providing a choice for the best archers across every division with an extremely tight .002” straightness spec. Accompanying the Superdrive is a full-line of glue-in target points, pin inserts, pin nocks, and direct-fit nocks.  Sold in Dozen shaft configurations only.  Components sold separately. 


4mm Tournament-Grade Compound and Recurve arrow  


Multi-layer wrapped 100% carbon-fiber construction  

4mm parallel design 

Specifically engineered for outdoor competition 

Weight Tolerance: +/- 1.0 grain 

Straightness +/- .002” 

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