Axcel Rheotech HD 5 Pin .019 Black Sight


Solid, Visible Level Inside Scope with Made in America quality

Micro-adjustable windage and elevation knobs for extremely accurate gang adjustments.

Ambidextrous RH and LH

Sight light port (3/8″-32)

Features Mathews® Harmonic Damper™

5 Fixed pins

0.019″ Fiber pin sizes



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The AXCEL® RheoTech is a Rock Solid “Tough as a Tank” fixed pin sight with even better features to make every shot a success! It’s named for the Rheostat cover that allows you to adjust fiber brightness and eliminate starbursting. In mid-day or open field settings with full sun, the rheostat can be dialed down quickly with a half turn of the cover and dialed in to keep pins bright without the starburst. Then, as the day wears on, the rheostat can be dialed back to allow full light into the fiber and make pins look like they are on fire! Stronger, Brighter FirePins with 20 inches of fiber per pin. Perfect for low light in the last hours of shooting! True 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Axis Adjustment make this sight extremely accurate at any distance! The lock knobs feature gear teeth so the thumbscrews are out of your way and won’t catch on weeds or vines as you’re trekking to your treestand or stalking your target! CCT CoPlanar Centering Technology-Aiming ring at same depth as sight pins, designed for greater accuracy when viewed slightly off-center

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