HHA LX 5010 Sight RH


Scope Size: 1 5/8″

Fibre Optic 0.010

Right Hand

NEW Infinite adjust slotted side bracket

20-80 yard accuracy and smooth lever action

Water resistant tapes

Leveling bubble

Machined aluminum pin carrier

Blue Burst light compatible

Lens Kit compatible

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The Optimizer Lite X continues to be one of the top-selling single pin sights of all time, nearly 25 year years after its introduction. A top choice for hunters and 3D shooters alike, the Optimizer Lite was the first site in the HHA product line to feature our patented R.D.S. Sight Tape Technology. Accepting a full line of accessories including magnified lenses, sun shades and lights, archers can’t go wrong when choosing the iconic sight for all their needs.




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