UV 3 XL Hunting Cartridge 015 3 Pin


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The Ultraview UV3XL™ SE Cartridge with pins pre-installed. Compatible with UV3XL™ SE and UV3XL™ Scopes.

ALL NEW VERTICAL 3-PIN NOW AVAILABLE – All three pins are .015″

Comes with a pin-ring pre-installed and ready for installation in your UV3XL™ SE.

Allows you to have individual cartridges pre-setup for all your disciplines of archery; Western Hunting, Whitetail, 3D, Field, Indoor, Outdoor etc… 

Your top pin point of impact does not change when you swap your fixed pin cartridges (center pin for adjustable 3-Pin). For example, you could have a 0.019” cartridge setup for close distance white tail and a 0.010” setup for long distance elk hunting and interchange both and hit the same spot.

The distance between the pins on the double pin is 0.25″.

Does not come with a lens installed – must purchase a lens separately if you want one.

Accepts lenses with a diameter of 1.750” (41mm)


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