UltraView UV 3 XL Target 6X lens only for UV 3 XL Scope


6X lens for UV3XL scope

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Fits all the ULTRAVIEW Scopes to include the UV2, UV3 and UV3XL.

Offered in 0x, 2x, 4x, 6x, and 8x and comes with the most optimal center drilled fiber size of 0.019″. 

Features the latest and most advanced multi-layer coatings available, the lens offers a distortion free image while maintaining a light transmittance over 99%.  

The superb material, coating, and manufacturing process combine to offer superior scratch resistance, light transmission throughout the entire visible spectrum, and virtually eliminates reflection. 

UV2 & UV3 lenses are cut to 1.350″

UV3XL lenses are cut to 1.750″

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