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UV Slider package includes – UV3XL™ SE, 140yd sight tapes, Compact travel case, White Viz Ring, No-Light Cap, and pre-installed batteries


TripleMark, and QuickBreak ensuring unparalleled precision. With these innovations, UV Slider allows you to stay focused in the moment – to make chaos stand still.

DualDial ergonomics define UV Slider. Driven by a concentric dial architecture with zero backlash and optimized gear ratio, UV Slider touts effortless adjustments with a single turn of the dial.

Conveniently lock and unlock both elevation and windage with strategically placed, easy to reach locks. DualDial is the most user-friendly sight adjustment system on the market.

TripleMark is a unified pin and indicator pairing solution that makes every pin a floating pin – guaranteeing precision at any distance. The indicator pins are ultra-fine and close to the tape for increased accuracy.

QuickBreak allows for quick breakdown of the sight and scope unit from the vertical rail, making traveling and cleaning easy for when distant hunts get dirty.

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