Ultraview The Hinge/Thumb Button Funky Peg replica


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Exact replica of UltraView Button and The Hinge

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Exact replica of UltraView Button and The Hinge 2

This exact plastic replica of the UV Button and Hinge 2, allows you to see what it feels like before fully committing to buying the real thing.

*Read the red bolded lines below before purchasing*

*DO NOT load with over 30lbs. We recommend using a shot trainer or simply a piece of string, never use a real bow. DO NOT DRAW WITH REAL BOW. This replica is only for size and comfort reference. 

All features that touch your fingers are exactly the same as UltraView The Hinge 2 – The finger bed locations, sizes and fillets are exactly the same as The Hinge 2. You will notice that the back end of the release is hollowed out for manufacturing reasons. 

Also works as a bottle opener – Yes it is true! The index finger gap works as a great bottle opener!

Keychain hole – The peg bracket has a hole so you can add it to your keychain or favourite backpack!

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